Friday, April 6, 2012

More Felted Pom-Pom Purses

Designed and handcrafted by Kim Buchheit © 2012
Spring is here and I have yet to get more pom-pom purses uploaded to Etsy... but, I thought I'd post a few here to prove I've been making making making :) I'm enjoying playing with various yarns for the crochet trim, beaded tassel, and detachable pom-pom brooches. And speaking of, I love making those pom-poms; reminds me of summer camp and my collection of "fuzzies." Top purse body made from felted llama; bottom purse body made from felted Corriedale. Happy spring to all!

1 comment:

Rachel Biel said...

These are so very, very cool! One keeps thinking that everything has been thought of already and then someone like you comes up with a whole new idea. I love them!