Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Sentinel with Crescent Moon

Completed another small (26" ht.) "Sentinel" last night — with crescent moon. Love the mixed-breed dark grey wool (from R.H. Lindsay) — it smelled very animal-ly while wet and contains a fair bit of vegetal matter :) This series of felted sculptures consist of 100% felted wool forms with glazed and fired clay bases

Monday, May 18, 2020

Felted Sculpture :: Developing New Series

Some snaps of work I'm continuing to develop that I started creating while in Mendocino. Working title of series is, "Sentinels" — guardians, watching over us; which seems especially comforting now during this global pandemic. I'm also exploring the phases of the moon; tethered as it is to our planet and to our individual bodies. Photos: The large sculpture is 43.5" (h) and the small one is 23.5" (h); both consist of hand-felted wool hollow forms, with concave (closed) tops; bases are either fired/glazed clay or painted terracotta. #wildlywoolly #feltedsculpture #feltedwool