Sunday, June 3, 2012

2012 Flagstaff Fiber Festival

Burying hand-dyed, handspun Churro wool yarn from artisan Loretta Flatrock.
Gorgeous Churro sheep.
Gently sheering an alpaca.
Local smiley spinners (right: Kari Usher, Dancing Weaver).
Photos © Mike Buchheit
Had a fabulous time at the Fiber Festival in Flagstaff, AZ yesterday! Bought some scrumptious Churro yarn from some talented ladies including Betsy Miller, Loretta Flatrock, and Zuni Ishikawa (Wanowa Studio, Flagstaff, AZ). My husband and I so enjoy talking with the interesting people that participate in this annual event — we learn so much and are so grateful to them. The festival ends today at 4 pm so get on over there if you're in the neighborhood (learn more).

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