Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Nuno-felted Striped Scarves using Tape Resist

This weekend I'll be teaching a nuno-felted workshop at Grand Canyon National Park (hosted by Grand Canyon Association Field Institute). We'll be making airy silk and wool scarves and durable purses/tech cases during this two-day course. In preparation, I experimented with using masking tape as a resist. It was just one of those wild-hair ideas and I truly wasn't expecting the tape to stay in place during the wet felting stage, but it did (!) and I was so tickled about that. This striped scarf design requires very little fiber and, by exposing the silk in between, showcases the lovely silk chiffon while creating a beautiful sculptural fabric. Both samples were made using creamy white Merino wool roving and silk. Once felted and dried, I dyed one sample scarf using Lansaset dyes from Dharma Trading. I'm looking forward to sharing this new technique with my students in a few days. And, btw, if you're in the area, call (866) 471-4435 to see if there's still space available... we'd love to have you join us!

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