Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Art for a Cause

Phoenix Pride Art Recpeption
"Blanks (or, Untitled)" at Exposed Studio & Gallery; © Kim Buchheit
Mike, Carlos (from Make-A-Wish), and Kim
Phoenix Pride is one of those great organizations staffed by some of the best people in the world! My husband and I had the pleasure of being part of a group show sponsored by Phoenix Pride and hosted by Gregg Edelman at his very-cool Exposed Studio & Gallery. (Gregg is a super generous guy who is masterful at throwing great parties at the drop of a hat.... he's also quite the photographer.) The art event was a huge success with the top three juried pieces (including mine!) to be exhibited soon at the Parsons Center in Phoenix, AZ. Thank you Ryan Starzyk, Mike Fornelli, and the rest of the team at Phoenix Pride for this great opportunity, your graciousness, and your support of the arts — and thank you for your steadfast work in the LGBTQ community and for human rights, in general. (A big fat congrats to Ace Walton who took first place with a fantastic mixed-media portrait using, among other things, "cigarette ash and borrowed cosmetics" — how wonderful is that!)

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