Friday, December 17, 2021

3 Little Birds…

are at my doorstep. Actually, it's turning into a veritable flock around here! For awhile now I've been thinking about how to make a simple resist for chickadees -- and with just the right amount of internal pressure to put pesky procrastination on notice (e.g. the holiday shipping deadlines bearing down), I put my noodle on it last week and got the job done. While pleased with the resulting felted "feathered" friends, I am most satisfied with the elegant plastic resist design which solidified after a few definitely-not-so-elegant iterations (three, to be precise). Like many makers, I find the design phase (including making the prototypes) to be the most rewarding part of the creative process... and would much prefer having a team of little elves do the production of the actual inventory. But how can I complain when I get to fill any downtime with making suff -- it's like being a kid again. Note: The gift chickadees flew the coop, and these six stayed behind. If you would like to adopt one, go to the gallery in Fountain Hills to pick out your fave! Happy holidays to all!

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