Saturday, December 20, 2008

Felted Sculptures in Snow

Felted sculptures © Kim Buchheit; Photograph © Mike Buchheit
Enjoyed shooting more felted pods in the snow. My husband joined me on the shoot and we had some good laughs as we sunk into the mud, battled the wind, and scouted out the best icicles in the park. Regarding these felted pods: the cream-colored pod is covered in tiny mirrors with one large one in the front. I was hoping that the mirrors would pick up the light and make for some interesting compositions.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Felted Acorn Ornaments in Etsy Treasury

Oh, yay! My felted acorn ornaments for Hanukkah made it into Lora Hart's beautiful Etsy Treasury (thank you, Lora!). Lora makes stunning jewelry which is available through her Etsy store — be sure to check out her selection.

UPDATE: My Hanukkah ornaments are SOLD OUT, but I may still be able to do a few custom orders if you contact me via my Etsy store before Sunday, Dec. 21.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Felted Works in Snow

Felted artwork and photos © Kim Buchheit
We had a glorious snowfall last night... I awoke compelled to photograph some felted pieces outside in the glistening, magical environment. I'd love to hang a pod from a tree and leave it there throughout the winter to see if, and how, nature might reclaim it. Would critters nest in it or pick pieces from it to build their winter homes? Might a coyote trot off with it and use it as a plaything. Would it get heavy with moisture, fall to the ground, and be lost till spring? I wonder. ~Kim