Saturday, March 26, 2011

Nuno-Felt Scarf with Prefelts

© 2011 Kim Buchheit. Nuno-felt scarf.
I made some prefelts the other day and cut out several circles to include in this lively design. I used only kool-aid dyed merino wool and silk in the piece. The kool-aid bled a bit during the hot water stages (meaning the dye was not completely "colorfast") — the bleeding came mostly from the silk scarf, I think. However, by the time I did the final warm-water vinegar rinse, the water was running clear. Regarding the prefelts: I loved working with the prefelt cutouts and am surprised how well the cut pieces retained their shape during the felting process!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Nuno-Felt Scarves

© 2011 Kim Buchheit. Nuno-felted scarves.
In preparation for a nuno-felting workshop that I'll be co-instructing this fall through the Grand Canyon Field Institute, I made some drapey wool scarves over the weekend. I love the fringe on the blue one, and the lightweight red one is much more vibrant than comes across in the photo; Canon seems to have trouble capturing reds. If you're interested in learning how to nuno felt, consider joining me and my fiber friend Jen Marshall, for a fun 2-day workshop at the Grand Canyon. All supplies included in the cost of the class, and the location is simply sublime!

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Fall :: Felted Wall Sculpture

© 2010 Kim Buchheit. Wall sculpture; wool, wire mesh, wood frame; ~32" (h)
I showed this work at a felting show in Tucson last year, but had intended it to be a part of a triptych. My hope is to create 2 more identical pieces and hang them vertically — but I dread having to make 200 more wool dreadlocks (okay, cheap pun). The title, The Fall, suggests waterfalls, hair pieces, and the fall of man (hah!).