Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Felted Bowl with Applique

Felted Bowl © Kim Buchheit
In an effort to cut down on the time it takes to make my felted bowls, I created this style above which has no pre-felting design done to it. In other words, the decorative work (the hot pink and popsicle-orange spirals made of roving) were applied by needle felting after the bowl was wet-felted by machine. I was pleased with the results; hope you are too! Bowl available through my Etsy shop. ~ Kim
UPDATE: This bowl has SOLD.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Giant Felted Acorn Ornaments

Giant felted acorn ornaments © Kim Buchheit
A sweet friend from Texas sent me a dozen bur acorn caps over the holidays (thank you, Joanie!) and I just couldn't wait to tuck hand-felted "nuts" into these oversized caps. The caps are a whopping 2 inches + in diameter... so fabby! These ornaments are available through my Etsy store

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Anchored Felt Sculpture

Felt Sculpture © Kim Buchheit
This felted piece is anchored on two ends to a juniper branch (torn from a felled tree) so that the branch is truly integrated with the work. I drilled a small hole in the branch and secured it to the wall with a nail. A crown of feathers lines the opening of this needle-felted pod. ~ Kim

Needle Felted Sculpture :: Nest

nest_sculpture_KimBuchheitfelt_sculpture_kbuchheitFelt sculpture © Kim Buchheit
This pod decided to transform itself completely into a nest — replete with a wet-felted blue egg on a nest of raffia, and a few decorative feathers for good measure. While generally preferring more abstract work, I was not unhappy with this piece. I loved working with the dirty pale green roving. It was a terrible wonderful mess to work with — full of vegetal matter and all — which just made me feel more connected to the source materials and the natural world during the process. ~ Kim