Sunday, June 6, 2010

2010 Flagstaff Wool Festival

alpacaMelanie Sharp's yarnPhotography by Mike Buchheit
Despite the 90 degree temps, the 19th annual Wool Festival in Flagstaff, AZ this past weekend was a hit. Handspinner Melanie Sharp had lots of her gorgeous acid-dyed skeins for sale. The friendly people of Purl in the Pines showed off their lovely wares (if you're a local, you must visit their up-to-the-minute yarn store!). Many weavers, artisans, herders, and spinners were selling their natural fibers including Kari Usher (Dancing Weaver) and Stephanie Rockford (Crazy Sexy Wool). And, of course, there were several shorn four-leggeds (Churro sheep, alpacas, and llamas) on display looking too cute for their own good.

We left the event arms loaded with Suffolk wool, Llama, and Churro wool roving, as well as three different colors of hand- and acid-dyed Rambouillet wool bats. Winter can't come soon enough!