Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bling in the New Year

Available in my Etsy shop.
© Kim Buchheit. Designed and handcrafted by Kim Buchheit; photo by Mike Buchheit
My final felting projects for 2011 included two more plush purses in dark cocoa and cinnamon — yum. Thought they'd make nice holiday gifts and coordinate perfectly with a sparkly New Year's Eve dress. Begin 2012 with a little good-luck glam and have a lovely holiday season!
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Denise Traver said...

I wish I was small enough to fit inside one of these!! I love it; it's beautiful and adorable all at once. :)

See Jane Shoot. Photography said...

Your creations surprise and delight. All so unique and beautiful and being able to tie together *bling* with an earthy feel is talent to be sure!

Bee Toole said...

oh wow, this is scrumptious! i bet it's just fabulous to touch. love this - what style!

Angela said...

Your new purses are beautiful

Katrine said...

I just wanted to say Happy New Year!
And that I love this!

I'd also like to thank you for being on of my top referrers for 2011 :D

I've thanked you in a post here as well:

Thank you :)

Katrine :)