Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Woolly Woven Boho Bowls

Designed and handcrafted by Kim Buchheit © 2011 and 2012
This summer I was able to complete two more woven boho bowls to add to the collection (the two on the right in above photo). I recently purchased some more strong, course, hand-dyed and handspun Navajo churro from local artisans Loretta Flatrock, Betsy Miller, and Zuni Ishikawa (Wanowa Studios in Flagstaff, AZ) — and, it's these strong fibers which form the firm architecture of the bowls by way of the warp and the edge treatments.

Each bowls is actually two bowls in one: an inner tapestry made on a handcrafted loom with churro, merino, and other wool fiber along with jute, raffia, and some cotton/poly pompom accents; and an outer shell crocheted in wool fiber and custom fitted to the woven work. While it does take quite awhile to create each piece, I love making them. Each vessel is unique and defiantly refuses to adhere to any pattern, no matter how hard I try. Some of my pieces have sold in galleries and some directly to customers via my Etsy shop. If you are interested in a commissioned piece, feel free to contact me by email. Thanks.